Terms & Conditions

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1.1 When making a booking you will accept our terms & conditions, general information and pay a fixed amount on behalf of you and all members of your group to secure your services. You must be over the age of eighteen years old to make a booking with Riviera Tours. Any bookings made within 28 days of departure must be accompanied by 100% of the total tour cost to confirm tour services. If Riviera Tours accepts your booking you will be sent a confirmation or an invoice within seven days of receipt of your booking and a contract will be made between you and us as soon as a confirmation or invoice has been provided.
1.2 If booking online, it is your responsibility to ensure that all entered details are correct. If you realise that a mistake has been made after your booking has been confirmed you must inform us within 12 hours after the receipt of your confirmation. If you fail to do so and subsequently wish to make amendments, the fees mentioned in clauses 4 & 5 of these terms will apply.
1.3 If you book through a travel agent, the travel agent will hold your deposit and any other payments until Riviera Tours sends a confirmation of booking or invoice.
1.4 A binding contract between us comes into existence when Riviera Tours confirms your booking verbally i.e. over the telephone or in person or in all other cases issue and dispatch our confirmation invoice.
The terms and condition of this form will be governed by English law and the jurisdiction of the English Courts. You may however, choose the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland if you wish to do so.

2.1 When your tour is confirmed, the remaining balance must be paid within the time frames laid out below (including any surcharges referred to in clause 3) to the office at which you made your booking. Deposits per person and balance due dates are as follows
Holiday Type Deposit Balance due
Coach Tours 25% of holiday cost 4 Weeks prior
Flight Tours 40% of holiday cost 6 Weeks prior
2.2 If you make a booking after the date on which the balance of the holiday is due, you must pay the full holiday cost at the time of booking.
2.3 When booking online, it is important that you understand that payment at the time of booking does not mean that your booking is confirmed. Your booking is only confirmed when we send you our email confirmation of the booking. If due to lack of availability we are unable to confirm your services after you make a payment through the online booking portal, we will refund you any monies paid to us. Any refund owed may take up to two weeks to reflect in your account. We cannot take responsibility for any interest, surcharges or fees which you may incur as a result of a delay in money transfer.
2.4 Price per person is based on 2/3 adults sharing a room. Child must share a room with 2/3 adults. Max. occupancy is 3 adults (excluding infants)
2.5 Early Bird Offer is not applicable for infants aged 0-23 months for any holidays mentioned on our website (www.Rivieratours.co.uk) or brochure. Infant prices for coach holidays is for a seat only.
2.6 It is your responsibility to remember to pay the balance, however on some occasions we may email and/or call to remind you. You must pay the balance within 48 hours of receiving the reminder.
2.7 If you do not pay the balance within 48 hours of the reminder then we have the right to cancel your holiday and apply the cancellation charges as set out in clause 5.
2.8 Early Bird offers and other promotional/web-only discount are applicable only in conjunction with confirmed bookings and a deposit payment.
2.9 It is your responsibility to carefully check the confirmation invoice and any other documents issued by Riviera Tours and let Riviera Tours or your travel agent know immediately in the event of any error or inaccuracy as it may not be possible to make changes later.

3.1 Once we have sent you a booking confirmation or invoice, we will only change the price of your holiday if there is a change or increase in any one or more of the following:
(a) Transportation costs (including flight supplements and the cost of fuel);
(b) Dues, taxes or fees chargeable ,such as landing taxes or embarkation or disembarkation fees at ports and airports; or
(c) The exchange rate applicable to the particular holiday package. (Our prices are fixed using the exchange rates available in the month of November 2014)
(d) In the event of a significant increase in any of the components that are included in your tour cost i.e.: hotels, entrances, flights, transportation & food.
3.2 Should the price of your holiday go down due to the changes mentioned above, by more than 2% of your holiday cost, then any refund due will be paid to you. However, please note that travel arrangements are not always purchased in local currency and some apparent changes have no impact on the price of your travel due to contractual and other protection in place.
3.3 If we increase the cost of your holiday by more than 10% you may cancel the holiday, provided that you notify us within seven days from the date you receive the confirmation or invoice with the increased amount. We will refund you the full amount paid by you to Riviera Tours towards your booking.
3.4 Early Bird Offers and discounts are only applicable to flight tours when the land arrangements and flight components fall within the given budget of the tour price. Early Bird discounts will not apply to flight tours when flight/hotel surcharges are present.

4.1 In the case of Coach Tours; a name, date or tour change will be possible as below provided written notification is received.
Amendment/ Change For Coach Tours Only More then 22 days prior to departure 21 - 14 days prior to departure 13 – 8 days prior to departure 7 – 0 days prior to departure
Name change £25.00 per person £50.00 per person £100 N/A
Tour date change £25.00 per person N/A N/A N/A
Tour Upgrade (opting for a higher value tour) Free of charge N/A N/A N/A
Tour Downgrade (opting for a lower value tour) £25.00 per person N/A N/A N/A
We can allow a maximum of two amendments per individual booking. The administration charges stated above will apply for each amendment. More than two changes are not possible and it will be considered as a cancellation for which cancellation charges will apply as per the policy.
Any amendment subsequent to confirmation of any flight tours will be subject to cancellation fees stated in clause 5.1 of these terms and conditions.
If you want to replace any individual in your booking subsequent to confirmation, it will be your responsibility to find a replacement. Riviera Tours cannot take any responsibility of introducing another individual to replace the original tour participant.
4.2 You can change your pick up point up to 10 days prior to departure free of charge. Within 10 days it may not be possible to make changes to your pick up point; if possible then there will be £10 admin charge per person. Pick up points will be confirmed only 10 days prior to departure, and are subject to availability.
Certain travel arrangements (e.g. Apex / No frills airlines Tickets) may not be changeable after a reservation has been made and any alteration request could incur a cancellation charge of up to 100% of that part of the arrangements.

5.1 If you or any member of your party wishes to cancel your holiday, you should notify us or the travel agent with whom you made the booking, in writing. If you cancel the holiday, then we will charge the cancellation fees as set out in the table below. Riviera Tours shall remain within its rights to forfeit the non-refundable deposit amount paid to confirm the booking to recover the scale of cancellation charges set by our suppliers.
Cancellation policy apply if a) tour participant can not adhere to the tour payment schedule set out on the left, b) in the event that visas for any countries are not granted or c) In the event that any tour participant is unable to travel for any reason whatsoever, including medical grounds.
Notice given for Cancellation Coach Tours Flight Tours
More than 42 Days 25% of total holiday cost 40% of total holiday cost
41-28 Days 25% of total holiday cost 50% of total holiday cost
27-14 Days 50% of total holiday cost 75% of total holiday cost
13-7 Days 75% of total holiday cost 90% of total holiday cost
6 Days or less 100% of total holiday cost 100% of total holiday cost
The cancellation charges shown represent a percentage of the total holiday price, excluding insurance premium or any additional charges (e.g. visa charges, courier, postal).
Note: If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges through your insurers.
5.2 Due to increased security measures, all airlines now require first and last names on the airline tickets. This must be the same name that appears on your passport, which must be the same name given when making your booking with us. It is your responsibility to ensure this information is correct on your invoice and other documentation. Any changes will lead to an administrative charge (of which you will be notified at the time).

6.1 You may choose to book your holiday online through our online booking portal. All bookings which are made online are subject to the terms & conditions which apply to all bookings made with Riviera Tours. All bookings which are made through our web-portal remain provisional until Riviera Tours issues a confirmation invoice.
6.2 All bookings made through our web-portal are subject to accuracy checks by Riviera Tours before services which are requested can be confirmed. If the requests which you make (i.e. regarding rooming, seating, dietary, etc.) at the time of your booking process are contrary to these Terms & Conditions or published general information, we have the right to refuse the booking. In this circumstance, we will contact you and inform you of the inaccuracies. At this time, you may choose to amend the booking in line with accepted policies and pricing or cancel your provisional booking with Riviera Tours.
6.3 It is your responsibility to ensure that you review all these terms & conditions, general information and have all relevant documentation prior to beginning the booking process. To complete your booking you will be required to register an account, fill all necessary fields, accept these terms & conditions and published general information and provide a minimum deposit or full payment depending on your departure date proximity.
6.4 All bookings processed through the online booking portal must be paid in UK Sterling. If you choose to employ a debit/credit card which is not issued by a UK bank, you will incur the respective surcharges/fees placed upon you by your issuing bank or building society.
6.5 It is important to understand that your booking will be confirmed only once you have received a confirmation invoice from Riviera Tours. Payment at the time of booking does not guarantee that your booking is confirmed. If your booking is confirmed by Riviera Tours, you will receive a confirmation invoice within 24 hours of completing your booking.
6.6 It is your responsibility to ensure that all details are correct before you complete your booking with a payment. If you notice any inaccuracies when you receive the booking confirmation, you must contact us within 12 hours of receipt. If you fail to notify us within 12 hours, amendment fees will apply as per section 4.1 of these terms.
6.7 Web-based discounts are only applicable on bookings made through the online booking portal. Riviera Tours has the right to withdraw web-based discounts or promotions at any time and without prior notice.

7.1 It is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to your travel arrangements, however, occasionally, we may have to make changes and we reserve the right to do so at any time. Most of these changes will be minor and we will advise you or your travel agent of them at the earliest possible opportunity.
We also reserve the right under certain circumstances to cancel your travel arrangements. For example, if the minimum number of clients required for a particular travel arrangement is not reached, we may have to cancel that tour departure. However, we will not cancel your travel arrangements less than two weeks before your departure date, except for reasons of force majeure or failure by you to pay the final balance. If we are unable to provide the booked travel arrangements, you can either have a refund of all monies paid or accept an offer of alternative travel arrangements of comparable standard from us, if available. Riviera Tours cannot be held responsible for any cost which you incur as a result of cancellation due to lack of passenger participation.
In accordance with EU regulations we are required to advise you of the actual carrier operating your flight/connecting flight/transfer. We do this by listing carriers to be used or likely to be used as follows (other scheduled carriers may be used from time to time):
7.2 If we make a minor change to your holiday (for example a change to travel time, a change of departure and return point , a different mode of transportation to a major joining point such as London, a change in accommodation to a lower official classification for one or two nights, or a change of advertised tour itinerary where the change is not a major change), we will try to notify you of this before departure, but you will not be entitled to any compensation as a result of such minor changes.
7.21 Dover pick-up can only be provided if the ferry departs from the Port of Dover and therefore Dover pick up is not guaranteed at all times. We are able to confirm Channel crossing seven days prior to departure. You can initially select Dover although if unavailable then you will need to change your pick up point. (Riviera Tours will not be responsible for any costs associated with you changing your pick up).
7.22 If you have arranged for an external pick up then transportation from your chosen pick up to the point where you will board the coach may be arranged by a private car, minibus or an alternative coach. If you have booked a return pick up/drop off service then on rare occasions there may be up to ninety minutes wait for a connecting coach (if the wait is more than ninety minutes then a dinner voucher will be provided by Riviera Tours).
7.23 Riviera Tour’s reserves the right to change the timings of any external pick up 12 hours prior to departure.
7.3 If we make a major change to your holiday, for example a change to your UK airport, (unless we change from one recognised London airport to another), time of departure or return of more than 12 hours, or a change to lower quality accommodation for more than two nights or a significant change to the itinerary then:
We will tell you of the change as soon as possible; you can decide to accept the change and continue with the holiday as amended, accept an alternative holiday (and if the alternative holiday is cheaper we will refund you the cost difference) or you may choose to cancel your booking.
7.4 If, as the result of a major change you choose to cancel your booking we will refund all monies that you have paid to us (For services rendered only by us).
7.5 We shall not be liable to pay compensation to you, where there is a major change or a minor change that either:
We, or the supplier of the services in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid; or if the change is due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control and the control of our suppliers, the consequences of which we or our suppliers could not have avoided even if all due care had been exercised.
Examples include hostilities, political unrest, war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disasters, flood, fire, epidemic or health risk, advice from any environmental health office or body, technical problems to transport (except where these arise as a result of the negligence of our suppliers or us), airport closures, adverse weather conditions or similar events beyond our control.
Force Majeure: This means that we will not pay you compensation if we have to cancel or change your travel arrangements in any way because unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control. These can include, e.g. war, riot, industrial dispute, terrorist activity and its consequences, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions.
7.6 With regards to flight tours, if we do not have the required minimum number of passengers, we may operate the tour on individual basis covering the same itinerary, where we would not be able to provide you the services of a full time tour manager, but there will be a local guide who will assist you to all the main sightseeing places.
7.7 If due to unusual or unforeseeable conditions, we may have to cancel the “Paris by night tour” then we will be offering a refund of 10 Euros per adult. (Children 11 years and below will not be eligible for this refund).
7.8 If due to unforeseen circumstance or adverse weather conditions, the Eiffel Tower may restrict top floor access. In this case we will reimburse clients the difference between second floor and third floor entrance cost. On some occasions, the entrance of the Eiffel Tower may be restricted all together. On these occasions, the entrance cost will be reimbursed or an alternative attraction will substitute the Eiffel Tower visit.
7.9 In addition, there are various trade fairs, exhibitions and seminars that take place during the holiday season; although we try to avoid these, it may be the case that we will need to change the hotels offered and its location to another town or city. If this is the case we will try and advise you at the time of booking or at the earliest possible time prior to your travel. Otherwise our tour manager or local representative will inform you of the changes on the spot and we solicit your full co-operation in accepting such circumstantial changes. Therefore no grievance regarding service/itinerary changes will be entertained from the tour participant during or after the tour.

8.1 In order for us to run each tour, there must be a minimum number of passengers who book. If the minimum numbers of people do not travel for a specific date, we may cancel the tour for that date (provided that we send you notice of the cancellation either in writing or via the telephone, at least two weeks prior to departure). If we cancel because there are not enough passengers, we will refund full amount you have paid to us in respect of the tour (for services rendered by us). Riviera tours reserves the right to amend, amalgamate, alter, vary or cancel a tour without incurring any liability to pay any compensation. Riviera Tours cannot be held responsible for any cost which you incur as a result of cancellation due to lack of passenger participation.
8.2 In the event that we may have to cancel your tour, we may from time to time where logistically possible, operate the same tour using a mini bus; (Mini busses do not have air-conditioning or toilets on board) which will be offered to you at the same price or with a small premium. This is subject to us having a minimum of 10 passengers. If you do not wish to take this option, then a full refund will be provided (for services rendered by us).

9.1 Where possible, we accept bookings from people with special needs who wish to make special requests, although we cannot guarantee to be able to do so.
9.2 If you have a special need or a special request, it is important for you to contact us in writing or by telephone prior to making your booking. You must write to us giving us full details of your special requests or special needs and details of any disability that affects you.
9.3 Riviera Tours reserves the right to refuse a booking or service, based upon the appropriateness of the tour, for an individual passenger.
9.4 IMPORTANT: Please note that if you have a special need or a special request and we accept your booking, we still cannot guarantee to provide for your special need or your special request. However we do generally find that hotels respond favourably to special requests or special needs that we notify them about.
9.5 If you have a special request (e.g. Veg meals) on the flight please check and inform us when you book your holiday and we will pass this information on to our suppliers. Our note of request on your invoice confirms we have received it however does not guarantee that we or the relevant supplier can meet with your request. Where ever possible they will try to help you. We will not pay compensation for failing to meet a special request that we have not confirmed separately in writing.
9.6 We cannot endow the aid of a tour manager for walking, dining, getting on/off any transportation or for any other personal needs. It is indispensable that a qualified companion must accompany any traveller whom needs such assistance. In the absence thereof, such traveller will be joining the tour on their own risk and consequence.
9.7 Step-free access to hotels, restaurants, coaches and attractions may not always be present. If step-free access is paramount to the successful completion of your tour, it is strongly recommended that you consult our sales team before making a booking with Riviera Tours to clarify the suitability of hotels, restaurants, coaches and attractions.

10.1 In addition to our rights under clause 9.3, we may refuse to accept a booking or terminate your holiday in the following circumstances:
(a) if you fail to advise us in writing at, (or promptly after) the time of booking of any relevant medical condition or disability from which you suffer and for which you seek special assistance or attention from us or our suppliers;
(b) If, during the course of the holiday, we reasonably consider that you are unable to cope with the demands of the holiday;
(c) If you act unreasonably and we reasonably consider that your actions or behaviour are likely to cause distress, damage, danger or annoyance to other customers, employees or third parties or to the property of any person.
10.2 If you are prevented from travelling or from completing your holiday in the circumstances set out in clause 9.1, our responsibility to you for your holiday will cease when we terminate the holiday.
10.3 You will not be entitled to any refund where we terminate your holiday in the circumstances set out in this clause and we will not be liable to pay any compensation to you as a result of terminating your holiday.

11.1 During your holiday your driver, tour leader, guide, hotel or other service providers may offer services or excursions which are not included in the price of your holiday or listed in our brochure. Since they do not form part of your contract with us, we do not accept any responsibility for their cancellation or curtailment or for any loss, damage, injury or death that you may suffer. If you wish to make a complaint or bring a claim in relation to such excursions or activities, then you should contact the person who offered them to you directly.
11.2 For operational reasons not all additional excursions listed on the tour itinerary or published online maybe available during your tour. Your tour manager will advise you of availability whilst on tour.
11.3 We accept responsibility for the actions of both our suppliers and our employees where they are providing any part of the holiday on our behalf. Our liability to you for their acts and omissions is limited by our terms & conditions. Our liability to you for your holiday and any loss, damage or injury that you may suffer in relation to, or as a result of it (whether caused by us or by our employees or suppliers acting on our behalf) shall be limited as follows:
(a) Where such acts or omissions (including negligence) cause you any loss or damage other than death or personal injury, our liability shall not be more than twice the price of your holiday;
(b) We shall not be liable in circumstances that we, our suppliers and employees could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid or for unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, consequences of which we could not have avoided even if all due care had been exercised;
(c) If you travel on a ship, train or aircraft as part of your holiday with us, the carrier’s conditions of carriage (copies of which are available from us on request) will apply. The carrier’s liability to you may be significantly limited by its conditions of carriage and by international conventions; our liability to you will also be limited to the amount that you could claim from the aircraft, train or ship operator in accordance with any applicable international conventions.
(d) In the event of a breakdown of a coach on a touring holiday, our liability will be limited; if, for any reason we can not provide a replacement coach and that you miss out on a significant attraction we will reimburse the amount which we have paid to the supplier, though we will endeavour to replace the coach at the earliest. However sometimes delays will occur due to many reasons beyond our control. In this event we are also entitled to use a replacement coach that we deem fit to conclude the rest of the journey. The replacement coach may or may not have the same amenities as the original coach.

12.1 Riviera Tours shall under no circumstances whatsoever be liable to the passenger or his/her co-traveller for: a) Discontinuation of tour due to loss/destruction of passports/travel documents prior/during the tour culmination, and any further expenditure for the tour participant due to such loss/destruction of passports/travel documents. b) Personal injury, delay, sickness, accident, death, discomfort, increased expense, consequential loss and/or damage on account of theft or injury howsoever caused. c) Temporary or permanent loss/damage to baggage/personal effects howsoever caused. In this condition “howsoever caused” includes wilful negligence on the part of any person. d) Expense caused due to personal injury, delay, sickness, accident, death, discomfort. e) Loss of baggage by Airline/Cruise line/Surface transportation. e) Airline not allowing tour participant board the aircraft for reasons beyond the control of Riviera Tours. f) Failure on the part of an Airline to accommodate tour participant(s) despite having confirmed tickets. g) Damage or loss caused due to reasons beyond the control of Riviera Tours (including Force Majeure).
12.2 No liability on the part of Riviera Tours in any way out of this contract in respect to your holiday, tour, excursion facility shall exceed the total amount paid or agreed to be paid for the same and shall in no case include any consequential loss or additional expense whatsoever.
12.3 Many of the services which make up your holiday are provided by independent suppliers. Those suppliers provide these services in accordance with their own terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may limit or exclude their liability to you. Copies of the relevant parts of their terms and conditions are available from Riviera Tours and the relevant suppliers. Riviera Tours will endeavour to ensure that all elements of the itinerary advertised are fulfilled by our supplier however as we act as an intermediary for the third party supplier concerned we will not be liable in relation to the arrangement provided by that third party supplier/s or for the acts or omissions of the third party concerned.
12.4 You are responsible for checking-in for flights and presenting yourself for all pre-booked attractions whilst on holiday. Riviera Tours cannot accept liability for clients missing flights as a result of late check-ins or arrivals and no credit notes or refunds will be given if you fail to take up any component of your tour.
12.5 You are responsible for joining our coach tours as per the pickup time given on your confirmation. Riviera Tours cannot accept liability for clients missing any component of your tour. No credit notes or refunds will be given and we will not be liable for any costs incurred by the client who wishes to rejoin the tour.

13.1 We ensure that we will fulfil our duties and promise to deliver an enjoyable and trouble free holiday. However, problems do occasionally occur. If you have a problem or complaint during your holiday, please inform the relevant supplier (for example the hotel owner) and our tour manager as soon as possible. They will try and rectify the problem immediately. However, if the problem or complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you should write to us within 28 days of the end of your holiday.
13.2 In the event of a problem or complaint involving the negligence of any of our suppliers, sub-contractors or agents (as opposed to any negligence on our part or on the part of any of our employees acting within the course of their employment) we cannot accept any liability if you do not report the complaint during the tour, or at the hotel (in accordance with the procedure set out above) and you fail to report the complaint to us in writing, giving full details (as set out above) within 28 days of your return from holiday.
13.3 We aim to respond to any complaints within 28 days although this can sometimes take longer as we have to investigate and may need to wait for replies from hoteliers or other parties. Any dispute or claim which arises out of (or in connection with) your contract or holiday must be dealt with under the ABTA arbitration scheme, or brought to the courts of England and Wales only. It is only these courts that will have any jurisdiction to hear any claims made under or relating to it. For full details on the arbitration scheme, please visit the ABTA website www.abta.com
13.4 If you fail to follow this simple procedure we will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint whilst you were on tour and this will affect your rights under this contract.

14.1a You should ensure that you allow sufficient time (currently eight weeks from posting a correctly completed application form) to apply for a passport.
It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they possess all relevant travel documents prior to departure of their scheduled tour. If the passenger is acquiring the necessary visas/travel documents independently from Riviera Tours, then it is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they fulfil all necessary criteria prior to the scheduled tour departure. If for any reason the tour participant is unable to travel due to incomplete travel documentation after booking and confirmation of tour, the tour participant will be subject to cancellation policy as stated in clause (5.1) of these terms and conditions.
(a) UK CITIZENS – Travelling on holiday outside the EC, you must have a passport, valid for at least six months from date of departure. At present, British passport holders do not require visas for the majority of countries within Europe, only a valid passport. For all other countries, it is advisable that you check with relevant embassies or consulates.
(b) NON-EC CITIZENS – Holders of Non-EC passports are most likely to require a visa for certain countries visited within our brochure. At Riviera Tours, we provide a visa service at an extra cost for certain cases, which is separate to your holiday cost. You must submit all documents required together. Applications with documents pending will not be accepted. It is your responsibility to submit all documents to us at the correct time. Though we try our best to obtain the visa on your behalf, it is solely at the discretion of the relevant consulate to accept your application; we can therefore not take any responsibility if the visa has been refused for any reason whatsoever. We will try to process your visas as early as possible; however, we reserve the right to choose the date of submission for the application. It is responsibility of the passenger to ensure they have the correct visa in place before travelling. In the event passengers are not able to travel due to not having the correct visas, the cancellation policy set in clause 5.1 will apply.
14.1b If you are processing your visa through Riviera Tours in the UK and the visa is rejected refused or delayed by the consulate and we know the outcome 10 days prior to departure, then we will charge 25% of the tour cost for coach tours and 40% for all flight tours. If the visa is rejected within 10 days of tour departure then the cancellation will be 35% of the tour cost for coach tours and 50% for all flight tours that are cancelled (This only applies if the booking is made in UK and if the visa has been applied through Riviera Tours UK). If you are ineligible to apply for Schengen visas or you are unable to submit the documents as informed by Riviera Tours within a timeframe specified by Riviera Tours, cancellation fees stated in point 5.1 will apply. The visa fee and service charge is non-refundable in all circumstances.
14.1c Customs & Immigrations delays and enquires. Riviera Tours will not be held responsible, if you are stopped or held by any government department, e.g. Police, Customs, Immigrations or any other authorities of the destination country. The tour will continue and no financial or any other kind responsibility will be accepted by Riviera Tours. Passengers that are held back will have to make their own arrangements to their respective destination.
14.2 It is your responsibility to check any travel documentation which we issue in relation to your booking as soon as you receive it. Please contact us immediately if you believe that the document is incomplete or incorrect. We will not be able to accept liability for inaccuracies if we are not notified within five working days of issuance. We will nonetheless attempt to rectify any mistakes caused, however if notified outside five working days, you will be responsible for any associated costs.
14.3 Some airlines now require additional passport information (API) and we will inform you and failure to provide this will result in you being denied boarding. We do not accept any responsibility if you cannot travel due to this, no refund or compensation will be offered.

15.1 UK & EC Citizens are advised that from 1st January 2006, you will need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to receive healthcare that becomes necessary during your visit to an EEA country or Switzerland. Please note that we strongly advised that you should still obtain travel insurance as a precautionary measure.
15.2 NON EC Citizens are advised to obtain the necessary travel insurance from their country of origin, in case of person residing in the UK on work permits etc. they may obtain travel insurance from us or any other insurance supplier of their choice. We strongly advise that all passengers obtain travel insurance for the entire duration of their holiday.
In certain countries vaccinations maybe required or recommended by the Department of Health. As regulations are frequently changing, you must check with your doctor as to which inoculations’ are advisable for your chosen holiday. You should also refer to the Department of Health leaflet “Health and Advice for Travellers”. You may also check with your local health provider. Valid medical insurance for the entire duration of your trip is highly recommended.
The safety standards and regulations, which apply overseas, are those of the country concerned. Often they do not aspire to the same levels as in the UK, due to this the general standards of safety, hygiene, fire precautions; etc can differ to those we expect in the UK. We suggest you familiarise yourself with fire escapes, and check depth and exits from swimming pools before swimming. Upset stomachs can easily be caused from climate change, water & ice. Sexually transmitted diseases are a serious threat throughout the world. Please exercise precaution and seek immediate advice if you think you may be affected. Avoid skin piercing and touching wild or stray animals as rabies is also a big threat. You should take due care of sunburn by using creams and not over exposing yourself. It is advisable to keep note of any significant medical condition you have and details of any medication you are prescribed.
Riviera Tours will attempt to accommodate the requirements of individuals who suffer from allergies. Passengers who suffer from allergies must inform Riviera Tours in writing at time of booking. Individuals who suffer from severe allergies are strongly advised to take all relevant precautions before travelling. Passengers are strongly advised to inform the Tour Manager of any allergies at the beginning of the tour. Riviera Tours can take no responsibility for the actions of other passengers who aggravate allergies suffered by another passenger. We cannot guarantee that food within Restaurants and Kitchen Caravans are free from allergens (e.g. nuts) due to potential cross contamination risks from product, people and the environment.
Riviera Tours will attempt to accommodate any requests concerning dietary requirements; however passengers are advised that these are not guaranteed. Passengers will be informed regarding the adherence to these requirements at time of dining by the tour manager.

16.1 You will be responsible for making full payment for any damage or loss caused by you or any of your party whilst on tour. Payment must be made directly to the service provider concerned. In failing to do so, you will be liable for any claims or legal actions against us (together with any third party legal costs) resulting from your or your party’s actions.
16.2 Riviera Tours will take no responsibility for retrieving any items of lost property due to safety and legal reasons. Riviera Tours will take no responsibility in reclaiming any belongings from third-party suppliers. It is the clients’ responsibility to contact the service provider directly and arrange for payment and shipping independently. If items are returned to Riviera Tours, we will not be responsible for any damage sustained during transit. Any belongings misplaced by passengers and subsequently given to Riviera Tours will be held for a maximum of seven days. Belongings which are not claimed within seven days will be disposed off or donated to a charity.

The law concerning data protection and your privacy can generally be found in the Data Protection Act 1998 and its associated legislation.
If you are booking a holiday with us, we need your personal details in order to process your booking and to enable us (or our suppliers and agents) to get in touch with you in connection with your travel arrangements, if required. Similarly, if you are booking a holiday with us or are enquiring about a holiday, or are responding to one of our promotional campaigns and would like us to update you with information about the services and products we offer, then we need some personal information in order to communicate with you. We collect personal information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. If you book a holiday with us we will also collect your passport and credit or debit card details. It may also be necessary for us to collect information of a more personal nature. This information will allow us to process your booking, fulfil or pass on any other request you might have.
When you make a booking, request a brochure or sign up for our e mail updates then we will securely store your contact details in order to contact you with details of products and services we think you might be interested in. Rest assured we do not sell your personal details to other companies. If you decide you would rather not receive news, information and offers about our holidays, please let us know in writing to: Riviera Tours and Travel 8-9 Agrawal Complex Beside Municipal Market C G Road Ahmedabad 38009 INDIA Email : rivieratours.india@gmail.com

Information provided within this brochure is factually accurate at the time of print (November 2014). We have tried our best to provide an accurate description of all the services, amenities, exchange rates and places of interest within this brochure. However circumstances can change which are beyond our control and thus we cannot take responsibility for the same. These can take the form of circumstances such as bad weather/traffic, closure of hotels/restaurants, over booking of hotels/restaurants, restricted access to certain sightseeing due to necessary re-routing and availability of services
The prices and details within this brochure will become void once a new brochure is published

Riviera’s Trade Fair tours and related products are sold subject to these Terms and Conditions and the contract between you and us shall be governed by the same.

If you book any third party products through us, their Terms and Conditions would be applicable in addition to our Terms and Conditions.

Indian nationals must have a valid passport for at least six months subsequent to the date of departure of the tour and have been granted the necessary visas, international certificates of vaccination (where applicable), insurance and medical insurance, other travel documents and clearances required to travel throughout the tour. You will have to abide with applicable RBI guidelines and Government of India rules.

Where To Book
You can book Trade Fair tours online as well as offline. You can request ONLINE on www.tradefairtour.com or www.rivieratours.in or through the Riviera’s offices / Franchisees / through our GSA / PSA or through your own travel agent. For the relevant addresses of branch offices of the Company and our network please refer to our brochure.

You can book Trade Fair tours online as well as offline. You can request ONLINE on www.tradefairtour.com or www.rivieratours.in or through the Riviera’s offices / Franchisees / through our GSA / PSA or through your own travel agent. For the relevant addresses of branch offices of the Company and our network please refer to our brochure.

The person / organization making the payment for the tour will have to sign the Booking Form.

In case the travel agent / Corporate or any other person signs the Booking Form, it shall be conclusively presumed that the tour participants had given the necessary authority to such agent / Corporate / lead person to sign the Booking Form and enter into a binding contract on their behalf with the company.

If you are booking through your Travel Agent, you should make all payments to your travel agent and the travel agent would pay the Company on behalf of you.

Signing of the Booking Form and payment receipt issued for initial payment made towards the tour cost shall be a legally binding contract between the parties.

We need the passport (in original) of each tour participant to be submitted to us along with the visa documents.

Payment And Schedule For Trade Fair :
Please find a chart of the schedule of payment for the Trade Fair tours.

  1. Unsecured Reservation Fee Rs. 5000/- Immediately upon booking.
  2. Interest free non-refundable booking amount Rs. 20000 immediately or within 10 days of booking date
  3. Documentation Amount as per the selected tour Immediately or within 10 days from the booking date along with Visa documents
  4. Balance Payments As per the selected tour before 30 days from the departure of your tour.

a. The reservation amount is non-refundable and not secured like the booking amount.
b. Booking amount for any add-on packages or extension taken with the main tour or separately will be Rs. 10,000/- per person.

Booking and Reservation Amount
If the tour participant /s cancel the booking after the payment of non-refundable amount for any reason whatsoever or failure to pay the entire tour cost, the said amount shall stand forfeited. However, your non-refundable, interest free, booking amount is secured by paying a nominal amount of Rs. 1000/- alongwith your Booking Amount per person which is already included within your tour price. In the unlikely event of you canceling the tour, the amount stated in the table under the head "Amount refunded on cancellation" would be paid to you by the insurance company.

If the Cancellation is made :
Amount refunded on cancellation

  • 30 working days prior to the date of departure of the Tour Your entire Booking Amount
  • less than 30 days and greater than 15 days prior to the date of departure Your Booking Amount less 50%
  • less than 15 days or less prior to the date of departure Your Booking Amount less 100%.
Secure your booking amount scheme covers for the following events only and documentary proof may be required by company to refund the booking amount:

Conditions Apply :

  • Death in the immediate Family.
  • Major Sickness / Hospitalisation where travel is not permitted under medical advice.
  • Acts of God like Tsunami.
  • Terrorist Activities like 9/11 and 26/11.
  • Any travel barred guidelines to the destination country by WHO like SARS.
  • Any political Turbulence in the destination country.

The Documentation Amount :
You would have to pay the documentation amount as mentioned in the table below. In the event of rejection of the UK /USA visa by the consulate, an amount of Rs.7,000/- per person will be deducted towards your visa service fees and incidental administrative charges. However, if this falls within the cancellation period, the cancellation policy will also apply.

Documentation Deposit Per Person :
Visit to a single country Visit to multiple countries
Rs.10,000/- Rs. 20,000/-
Note: Urgent Visas for Europe only shall be charged at an additional amount of Rs.3,000/- per person
Please note that all the documents for processing your visas should reach us latest 30 days prior to the departure of the tour. If you fail to submit the documents within the said time limit or if your booking is accepted within 30 days of the departure of the tour, you would have to pay urgent visa fees of Rs.3000 and if you are not granted the visa for any reason, the cancellation policy will apply. Please note that urgent visa fees do not guarantee the issuance of visas. During certain peak times, some visas may take a longer time to issue.
Note: Unless otherwise specified, the cost of processing of visas is not included in your Tour Price and you are required to pay for them separately. The Chinese consulate charges urgent visa fees if the visa application is preferred within the specified date of departure. This is subject to availability.

Payment Options :
You can pay by CHEQUE / DEMAND DRAFT. The cheque/demand draft has to be deposited with any of the Riviera Tours And Travel Offices or Franchisees or agents. Once the payment is cleared, only then will confirmation be done and the documentation be released. The cancellation policy will apply if the payment is not cleared within the specified time. The cheque/demand draft has to be drawn in favour of "Riviera Tours And Travel"
You can pay your TRAVEL AGENT who would pay the Company on your behalf.
IMPORTANT: Any payment made to your travel agent by you would not constitute payment to the Company until the same is remitted to the account of the Company and cleared.
If you are making a CASH PAYMENT above Rs. 20,000/- you would have to submit a copy of your PAN Card to us and an Income Tax declaration.

On payment of the booking amount and the documentation amount / full payment, you will receive an acknowledgement for the amount paid.
You will have to pay all bank charges including charges relating to cheque/ demand draft at the applicable rate in addition to the tour cost.
The Company reserves the right to decline your booking/s for any Tour or to cancel your booking without assigning any reason.
The Non Resident Indians (NRI) and Foreign Nationals are required to pay the entire tour cost in Euros/ USD.
In case of foreign exchange transactions, prevailing rate of exchange on the date of the transaction would be applicable.

Balance Payments
Please check your Invoice for the due date of your balance payments of the tour cost. This balance payment has to be made 30 days prior to departure date of the tour. If the booking is accepted within 30 days of the date of departure of the tour, the entire tour cost has to be paid upfront. A delay in payment of your tour cost (part payment or full payment) can result in a delay in issuing your air tickets, processing your visas and it would be considered as cancellation of your booking from your end and result in levy of the applicable Cancellation charges as per the cancellation schedule.
The Company reserves the right to amend the prices published in this brochure and on the website and to charge accordingly in case of currency fluctuations, increase in cost of fuel, travel arrangements, special / high season charge levied by the suppliers, hike in any government taxes or any taxes or visa amounts and for any reason before the date of departure. All such increases in price must be paid for in full before your departure.
The Company reserves the right to decline your booking/s for any Tour or to cancel your booking without assigning any reason.
If your booking is not accepted by the company, the amount paid by you towards this booking would be refunded by the Company.

Promotions/ Offers / Schemes
Please note that in case of special offers, promotions or schemes additional terms and conditions of these offers, promotions or schemes will be applicable in addition to these terms and conditions. You might have to adhere to the payment schedule prescribed under such offers, promotions or schemes in order to be eligible to avail benefits under such offers, promotions or schemes. If you fail to make the payment by the due date and/or do not comply with all the terms and conditions of the offer, promotion or scheme you would not be entitled to receive the benefit under such offer, promotion or scheme.

Service Vouchers

For 'Trade Fair' all services will be as per those specified / confirmed and will be paid for as per the Invoices and Service Voucher(s).

A Service Voucher(s) is the written confirmation of your tour and entitles you to travel on the tour and must be presented by you to the Tour Manager or Service Provider as applicable. You will receive the Service Voucher(s) (with your air-tickets and train tickets, if applicable) approximately 5 days prior to departure, provided you adhere to the time schedule of documentation and payments in full.

A delay in adhering to the above mentioned time frame would result in delay in issuing the documents for land arrangements, air tickets and arranging the visas/ permits (if applicable) and may result in the cancellation of the Tour with applicable cancellation charges.

No services will be provided if the Service Voucher in original is not in your possession.

Important / emergency contact numbers are printed on the service vouchers and / or the briefing sheet provided to you.

It is the Client's responsibility to check the Service Voucher(s) carefully and to let the concerned staff at the Company's Offices or franchisees, GSA or PSA or the travel agent know immediately in the event of any error. In some cases, the Client would be handed his internal flight/train/hotel vouchers by the Tour Manager/ representative of the Company on arrival at his holiday destination.

Travel Documents
It is entirely your responsibility to hold and carry on tour valid travel documents including your Passport, which must be valid for a period of at least six months from the date of travel on the tour with all required visas and immigration clearance (if applicable), confirmed air tickets, documents confirming insurance to cover risk to life, limb and property for the duration of the tour, medical clearances, inoculation / vaccination certificates as the case may be to be able to travel as per your tour itinerary. The costs of processing the above travel documents are not included in your Tour Cost except for your mediclaim.


It is mandatory and convenient to have your VISA clearance obtained by Riviera Tours And Travel from the concerned Consulates/Authorities on your behalf.

Granting or rejection of visas is totally at the discretion of the concerned Consulates/Authorities. Please ensure that you apply for your visas with complete sets of documents required by the Consulates/Authorities within the stipulated time as per the Documentation Check List on our website or given to you at the time of booking your tour. We cannot be held responsible if your visa application is rejected by the concerned Consulates or Authorities due to inadequate documents furnished by you or where the visas could not be processed due to late submission of application by you or any of the other tour participants or due to any other reason whatsoever. The consulate may require further documentation and / or personal appearance. At times, the Embassy/ Consulate requires your passport to be surrendered compulsorily on your return.

Governments of some countries have made it mandatory for the biometric data (fingerprints and photograph) of the visa applicants to be captured, making it compulsory for applicants to physically come and get their biometrics done at the visa processing centres.

We would not be responsible for any errors in your visa that may be committed by the consulates/authorities. We use the service of reputed courier companies for transmission of documents. We cannot be held liable for the loss of any of the documents though we would assist you in retrieving the same or obtaining duplicate copies thereof.

Even if your visa/s are rejected, you would be liable to pay the stipulated visa fees and service charges of the company and any cancellation charges thereof, as per the cancellation policy. At times the Embassy / Consulate requires your passport to be surrendered compulsorily on your return.

If you already posses a visa or wish to do the visa/s on your own, you would be entitled only for the refund of actual visa/s cost and the Company's visa service charges would have to be paid by you.

Unless otherwise specified, the cost of processing of visas is not included in your Tour Price and you are required to pay for them separately.

The Chinese consulate charges urgent visa fees if the visa application is preferred with the specified date of departure. This is subject to availability.

It is mandatory that you purchase an Overseas Mediclaim and other Insurance Policies to cover the risk to life, limb and property whilst on tour from the insurance company identified and named by Riviera Tours And Travel at the prescribed rate.

You must check the accuracy and correctness of the policies and in case of any errors report the same to the Insurance Company to rectify it as Riviera Tours And Travel will not be responsible for the same.

Please note that any claim would have to be referred by you directly to the insurance company and we are only the facilitators. Please ensure that you must carry your travel insurance policy document with you on your tour.

The cover would be valid for the duration of the trip and relate to persons below the age of 70 years.

NOTE: The cost of travel insurance premium is included in your tour cost. If you wish to seek an extended stay abroad or if you are above 70 years of age , there would be an additional premium payable by you. Senior citizens above the age of 70 are required to submit medical test reports as required by the Insurance Company.

Basic Travel Quota
As per the present RBI Regulations, all resident Indians holding Indian passports are entitled to an amount not exceeding USD 10,000 or its equivalent per person, in one financial year for one or more private visits under the Basic Travel Quota. All individuals holding valid Passport, travelling on business are entitled to seek USD 25,000 or its equivalent Foreign Currency for every visit. Individuals are entitled to combine the BTQ and Business Travel quota for their visit abroad. The US Dollar cash limit for every visit cannot exceed a maximum of USD 2000 or its equivalent.

Your Tour Cost From BTQ
You will pay the total tour amount in Indian Rupees in favor of the Riviera Tours And Travel Collection Account along with your signed BTQ and A2 Form. The BTQ Form will be forwarded to the Authorised Dealer by us for release of the Foreign Exchange to us towards the cost of the tour as part of your BTQ.

It is mandatory that the Client should avail the foreign exchange component of the tour cost from the Company under his Basic Travel Quota entitlement.

Your Personal BTQ
The balance amount of the BTQ left after deducting your tour cost can be purchased by you towards your personal expenses while on tour. You can conveniently purchase your personal BTQ from our Foreign Exchange Division. It is advisable to carry your foreign exchange partly in cash and partly in Traveler's Cheques/Currency Card.

Amendment Fee
In case of an amendment / cancellation, any new arrangements will be regarded as an entirely new booking and will be subject to availability and all requests must be made and then confirmed in writing and the Company reserves the right to make a charge of INR 500 each time a change or amendment is made to a confirmed booking at the Client's request.

Travel In Advance And/Or Return On Own
'Trade Fair Tours are normally escorted tours and the Company holds airline seats as a group for its passengers on the date of published departures from India and return reservations back to India after the tour.

All departures are based ex-Mumbai / Delhi unless specifically given in writing. For other hubs, the client will have to pay the airfare difference if any and will have to bear the cost of transfer from airport to hotel and vice versa without any reduction in the price of the tour on this count or will have to make your own arrangements to meet up with the group.

Airline Date Change Before Departure
If you wish to travel in advance or return at a later date after the tour ends, then you must pay the applicable difference between the group airfare within the Package holiday tour cost and the market airfare for the changed sector. The same will be quoted by the company to you on your request. Over and above this you are also required to pay an 'Airline Seat Rebooking and Reservation Fee' of Rs. 2,500/- as applicable per person per sector, per change depending on the airline (subject to availability of seats and ticket validity).

Note: You will not be able to avail of the group transfers and accordingly you will have to make your own way to meet up with the group on arrival and/or to your next destination when your tour ends.

Airline Date Change After Departure
It is absolutely necessary to have your return air seats to India confirmed prior to your departure from India.

If you wish to change the date of your return journey after departure from India, you will have to pay a "Change in Reservation Fee" if any, directly to the airline, subject to availability of seats in the same booking class. This fee may range between USD 75 to USD 200 or more per person and we will not be responsible for the same.

Note: The clients who do not avail of group allocation of airline seats, will not be able to avail of the group transfers and accordingly you will have to make your own way to meet up with the group on arrival and/or to your next destination when your tour ends.

Airline Confirmation And Re-Confirmation
Though you may receive a confirmed air ticket for a particular sector, due to over booking of seats the airline may offload passengers and accommodate them on a subsequent flight for which we will not be responsible.

Note: In case you are returning on a later date after the tour ends, the responsibility to re-confirm air tickets 72 hours prior to the departure would be solely yours.

Special Offers
Special Offers mentioned in the brochure are subject to a minimum of 30 tour participants traveling on a tour. We reserve the rights to withdraw any offer mentioned in the brochure or promotional material without prior notice.

Hotel Tariff
During the Trade Fair period, hotel tariffs are higher than their normal/displayed rates and payment terms and cancellation policies of the hotels are also more stringent than the normal period. Last minute tariffs may increase or decrease subject to the hotel yield management and Riviera Tours And Travelwill not be responsible for any rate displayed by the hotel.

Hotel check-in time is 1400 hrs. and check out time is 1200 hrs. Early check in / late check out is subject to the sole discretion of the hotel management.

Transfer From One Tour To Another
A request in writing for transfer from one tour to another 30 days prior to the departure will be treated as cancellation on that tour and a fresh booking on another. In these cases, a transfer Fee of Rs.5,000/- per person will be applicable in addition to the costs for re-processing your visas, medical insurance and air tickets etc due to the transfer to another tour. In case you transfer within the cancellation period, then the cancellation policy will also apply.

Pre / Post Tour Accommodation / Add On Packages

Pre / post tour accommodation / add on or extension packages / eurostar reservation etc are available to you at special rates. You must ensure that you request your travel agent for the same at the time of booking your tour.

Cancellation Of The Tour By Client
If you wish to cancel your tour, you must intimate the Company as follows:

by a written communication to our registered office listed below OR By email to rivieratours.india@gmail.com followed by a written communication to our registered office listed below OR

In writing on working days within working hours at the registered office of the Company at Riviera Tours And Travel 8-9 Agrawal Complex Beside Municipal Market, CG Road Ahmedabad 380 009 Gujarat INDIA.

If the Booking Form has been signed by one or more persons for themselves and for others mentioned in the form, then the communication signed by such signatory/s would be treated as a valid communication for cancellation for all such persons mentioned in the form.

Similarly if your agent / Corporate cancels, it will be deemed and construed that all the clients and you are in agreement with the same.

The computation of the period of notice of cancellation shall commence only from the time the written request reached the Company at its office in Ahmedabad on working days within office time at the details listed above.

In case of cancellation, the following cancellation charges would apply:

When A Cancellation Is Made Cancellation Charges

More than 60 days prior to the departure Rs. 5000/-

Between 60 - 30 days prior to the departure Rs. 10000/-

Between 30 - 15 days prior to the departure 50% of the tour cost

Less than 15 days prior to the date of departure / NO SHOW. 100% of the tour cost (including the supplements) NO REFUND

It is a clear understanding between the parties that for the purpose of this clause cancellation can be due to any reason whatsoever including the reason of inability to participate due to any reason including illness, death, court orders, non-availability of travel documents etc.

The Company shall not be liable to pay any compensation, interest or damages to you.

Cancellation Of The Tour/Amendment By Company
We reserve the right to cancel any tour prior to departure without assigning any reason. In such a situation we would offer you alternative tour dates. If the alternative date is not acceptable, we would refund the money paid by you, but we would not be responsible or liable to pay any compensation or damages or consequential loss or to refund visa, insurance, interest or any other cost incurred by you.

In the event of the Company exercising its rights to amend or alter any tour advertised in their Brochure/ itinerary after it has been booked but prior to departure, you shall have the option to continue with the tour as amended or altered or to accept any alternative tour, which the Company may offer. In either of these above cases the Company shall not be liable to you for any damage, additional expenses, consequential loss suffered by you or to pay any amount as refund.

If the tour or any part thereof cannot be conducted due to Force Majeure or Vis Majeure, the Company shall not be responsible to give any refund to you. However, at its sole discretion, the Company gives the refund based on various factors like the number of participants, the cancellation policies of suppliers like hoteliers, coach operators, etc. the decision of the Company on the quantum of refund shall be final.

It would take at least 45 days to process the refund (if due).

It is clearly understood that there shall be no refund whatsoever if the Client does not or cannot utilize any of the services like hotels, sightseeing, rides, cruises, meals, entrance fees, optional tours etc due to any reason whatsoever.

Information provided within this brochure is factually accurate at the time of print (November 2014). We have tried our best to provide an accurate description of all the services, amenities, exchange rates and places of interest within this brochure. However circumstances can change which are beyond our control and thus we cannot take responsibility for the same. These can take the form of circumstances such as bad weather/traffic, closure of hotels/restaurants, over booking of hotels/restaurants, restricted access to certain sightseeing due to necessary re-routing and availability of services
The prices and details within this brochure will become void once a new brochure is published

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