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At RIVIERA we take care of your business travel requirements at every level. Not only do we provide the technology and hands on support to research and book the right travel mechanisms to suit your policy and needs but, we also manage the process from start to finish.

We are able to do this through our network of business travel centres, offices sited within clients’ own locations and our own fulfilment offices worldwide.

RIVIERA’s approach is to deliver professional travel services for today’s corporate clients through a mixture of travel booked with the assistance of agents and by empowering clients to book travel through an online or self booking solution.

This combination of hands-on, personal support and the right technology solutions enable us to deliver the most well-organized and professional travel service in the most cost effective way.

In addition to the day-to-day handling of travel and its related processes RIVIERA also provides a range of supplementary services from cost efficiency and fare benchmarking tools to 24 Hour support, passport and visa advice and a host of softer add-ons such as calling cards, airport meet and greet services and airport parking together with other specialist services from our local offices when you need them.

Classic Services

The RIVIERA team is here to provide the best possible travel service at all times throughout every trip. With offices and teams of highly-experienced and knowledgeable people strategically placed worldwide, we offer a fast and cost effective service to travellers and bookers.

These people are what make the difference at RIVIERA. We ensure they have the means to deliver your travel requirements through flexible working practices such as home-working combined with technology which removes time-consuming processes so they have more time to devote to you.

As a RIVIERA customer you will have a dedicated team available to consult with on all travel requirements and there to support you around the clock if necessary.

We also know that there may be travellers who require that little bit extra and our VIP service with benefits such as dedicated numbers, extended hours, a range of booking options and personal meetings, takes care of these people.

Our entire service also centres on quality control and RIVIERA Process Automation ensures your policy requirements, supplier negotiations and all possible savings are built into the booking. The technology automatically checks information ensuring its exactness which means entire management information.

Online Services

At RIVIERA we are firm believers in the benefits of online automation and the booking process is no exception. The right online booking tool used in conjunction with the right level of support leads to increased adoption and the delivery of savings.

When it comes to online booking we work on roadmap which looks at your travel requirements from a number of different perspectives including company culture, internal processes, available resources for training and ongoing education and the existing travel profile. Our strategy then defines the best tools for your business and maps out an implementation process.

As well as partnering with a number of external online booking tool providers, we offer Online, booking solution.

Online runs in conjunction with most GDS as well as bringing in additional suppliers for elements such as rail via direct connections. The tool is regularly enhanced with updates following feedback from customers. It is suitable for companies with fairly straightforward travel requirements and is also customisable to suit individual clients’ needs.

The Right Configuration

Finding out what is right for your company is a crucial part of the service RIVIERA provides. We use our knowledge and experience to carefully consider your requirements and present and implement the best solution in a flexible way.

We have a three-pronged approach to finding out what is best for you. First and primary this involves mapping out what your needs are, the areas for improvement, identifying any gaps in resources and what the cost is likely to be.

The second part of the process is to overlay our existing client knowledge base to further define the best solution for your company. Using our own diagnostic tool we look at elements such as client complexity, readiness and current stage in programme management.

The final step is for us to produce a set of recommendations drawing on the findings of the above processes as well as our internal management experience. This allows us to obtain a deep understanding of your company so that we can devise a strategy for today as well as the future, taking into account any future plans and developments of your company and the changing travel landscape.

The final stage of the process allows us to focus on the elements which matter most to you and apply some innovative thinking to ensure you are getting something specifically tailored to your company and its culture.

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