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Delivering value, performance and better presentation across your travel programme.

At RIVIERA we never stand still. Each time an enquiry or booking is made we use the info to ensure the efficiency of the travel programme and classify possible improvements and cost savings.

Your travel programme is the key. It is planned in conjunction with, monitored and continually developed by a RIVIERA business manager, who is equipped to add value across all aspects of your programme including service, skill, policy, technology and supplier deals. The result is a fully integrated, all-in-one service from booking to payment, accounts to reporting. Value and performance, guaranteed and sure.

Our business managers are an important part of the process and a vital part of your travel management team. They help you get the best from your programme, implement change where necessary and devise new initiatives. Business managers also serve as the connection between your company and the RIVIERA Executive Team ensuring we stay on top of the issues that matter to you.

Our managers are chosen for their business acumen. They are people who have the capability to focus in on and understand your company and its needs while taking into account trends and issues in the wider travel industry. The business managers have been selected for their ability to make decisions quickly, consider and implement the right results, set goals, achieve targets and identify opportunities.

We have built a whole philosophy based on our association with you and view account management as a corporate responsibility. This means that every quarter we review all aspects of the service we provide to you and that any issues as well as opportunities are addressed via a rolling 12-month business plan.

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